The club have a very active Men's and Women's race team who regularly participate in races around the country. Race Team members participate in all disciplines of racing detailed below:

Road Racing

A road race (RR) is a mass start race on open roads, either place to place or several laps of a circuit. The winner is the first rider to cross the finish line. Points may be awarded for the first 10 or more riders, depending on whether the race is part of a series or is a ‘counting event’. Scottish road races are run under the rules of Scottish Cycling (SC). The club organise various road races throughout the year. See the Promotions page for more details.

Criterium Racing

A criterium (or crit) is a race run on a short closed circuit (no traffic). A crit is a mass start race run over a set time (usually about an hour), after which riders must complete a set number of laps before the first rider to cross the line (who has not been lapped) wins. In partnership with Hart's Cyclery, the club run the very popular Ingliston Crit Series each Spring.

APR Events

APR stands for Australian Pursuit Race which is a handicapped road race. Riders
are set off in small ability groups at 1-5 minute intervals, the slowest group first and the fastest group (the scratch group) last. Slower groups have to work to avoid being caught by faster groups. The winner is the first rider across the finish line.

Time Trials

A time trial (TT) is a race against the clock on open roads. Riders are set off at 1 minute intervals and the fastest rider to complete the course is the winner. The standard distances for time trials are 10, 25, 50 and 100 miles. Longer time trials involve covering the greatest distance possible in a set time, either 12 hours or 24 hours. Some time trials, generally on hilly courses, are run over non- standard short-medium distances. Certain time trials are ridden in teams of 2-4 riders, most commonly in teams of two (known as a ‘2-up’ time trial). Each year the club run the club confined Saltire 10 TT series along with the Olympic qualifying Tour of the Meldons.

Track Racing

Track racing takes place at a velodrome. Scotland’s primary track racing location is the Sir Chris Hoy Indoor Velodrome in Glasgow. There are a range of track events, including time trials, team and individual sprints and bunch races. Track racing takes place on a Wednesday evening at Glasgow Velodrome, and on selected weekends when championships are held. You need to have a special fixed-wheel bike to ride on the track. Track bikes are available for hire from the club. Bikes can be hired at Glasgow Velodrome on an hourly basis.


Skinny tyres, mud, short, sharp off-road racing, with hurdles, obstacles and intense, close racing. That’s cyclocross, a form of off-road racing that predates mountain biking by decades. It’s also one of the most accessible forms of cycle sport with racing for everyone from young kids to grandmothers. There is a Scottish Cyclocross Series which takes place in the autumn and winter.

What do I need to start racing?

If you plan on road, track or time trial racing you will need to consider membership and a racing licence from British Cycling (BC), the UK’s governing body for cycle sport. A Provisional Racing Licence is awarded automatically with all Bronze, Silver and Gold memberships. A Full Race Licence may be bought as an addition to Silver or Gold Membership. Provisional licences are sufficient to gain you entry to all but national events, but an additional Day Licence fee will be payable on the day. If you plan to race regularly, a full race licence is most cost effective. Further details at:

NOTE: A racing licence is not required to ride the clubs confined TT series, but riders are asked to consider taking silver or gold BC membership for the insurance benefits provided.

What races can I enter?

A full calendar of all types of races with details required to enter them is available on the BC website:

Time trials and track events are open to everyone, but most road races are restricted to riders of certain categories. An explanation of categories can also be found on the BC website.

How do I enter a race?

Where online entry is not available, races must be entered by filling in a race entry form (for Scottish events). This must be submitted before the closing date for each event. Send in your entry with a cheque and a stamped addressed envelope to the event organiser. You will receive a start sheet prior to the event either by post or more frequently via email.

NOTE: The BC/SC registered name for the club is Edinburgh RC and should be used on all race entries and membership applications.