Saturday group rides - on hold

26 September 2020

Many of you have noticed that, after a couple of official ERC rides last weekend, there was none today.

The latest sports governing body guidelines are concerned about the image portrayed by cycling groups larger than the wider societal rules (Currently 6 from 2 households) out with a fixed setting. The club has asked for clarification on this with respect to the Saturday ride format we started last week, but has received no response as yet. The committee has discussed this and the best idea we could come up with to mitigate this concern was to have members wear club kit on the rides in order to portray an image of organised sport (rather than 6 random cyclists riding together).

Your input on alternative ways to achieve this are most welcome. We are not going to put any rides on tomorrow to allow members time to provide feedback/suggestions and for an official response from the governing body, hopefully in time for next weekend. You can respond to this email or, if you prefer, join in the discussion thread on the club Facebook page.