National TTT Championships Preview

19 June 2021

National TTT Championships Preview!

Tomorrow is the CTT TTT Championships hosted by Ayr Roads held at Eglinton Country Park/A78.

ERC are being well represented by a dream-team, sorry, "mean-team", of Alan Dean, Rory Downie and Sandy Waller.

I was initially considered for the team, but I couldn’t make it and they got Rory instead. Let’s be honest here, that was absolutely the correct choice and a certain upgrade from the performance I’d offer. The equivalent of returning your Fiat Punto at the end of a PCP agreement and being offered an Audi R8 as a replacement.

The event will be held over two laps of the out and back A78 running from the Eglington Country Park passing Irvine, turning and totalling 31.5 miles.

The big favourites for the day are Ribble Weldtite Pro Cycling. The team is made up of Simon Wilson, James Shaw – who last week was chasing Tadej Pogacar up hills in Slovenia and Dan Bigham, whom if Sandy came in 50 feet of, Sandy would self-combust. Actually I’m not sure Sandy is legally allowed within 50 feet of Dan Bigham.

Of the 42 teams competing, Team Edinburgh RC set off at 10:27 – so set an alarm for then and shout a ‘GO WELL’ in the direction of Irvine. Maybe don’t do this in a crowded public space, as passers-by may be concerned for your welfare.