ERC Midweek TT Series Week 4 - Fun in the... Sun...?

29 May 2019

On a beautifully soggy evening in Tranent 19 riders braved the weather to tackle the wet yet surprisingly not windy course.

Benjamin Franklin yet again was proved right when he said ‘in this world nothing can be said to be certain, except death, taxes and Alan Dean posting the fastest time on the ERC Midweek 10 Mile TT’

Alan topped the leaderboard with a 21:31 which he described as a bit ‘meh’ as he was under the weather. Yep that’s right - 21:31 was meh apparently…..

Mark Anderson was not far behind in 2nd with a very respectable 21:50 and Paul Davis of MRCC in 3rd with 23:07.

Louis Moorehead yet again posted the fastest road bike time of 24:23 – about time you bought a TT bike methinks Louis?!

Rae Captieux was the fastest female of the evening posting a time of 24:45 and everytime I see Rae I do wonder whether her dog ate one of her velotoze so she’s had to adopt the one pink & one blue look or whether it’s a deliberate piece of sartorial strategy.

Jen ‘GPS’ McKenna tried her best to topple Rae by channelling Dick Dastardly in an attempt to complete a 9.7mile TT – don’t worry Jen, I’ve been tempted to avoid that 2nd roundabout many times.

Thanks again to our volunteers Morag Lamont, Chris Borthwick & Daniel Kirk (who definitely didn’t check the weather forecast & decide to tactically volunteer……)

We currently need volunteers for next week so be sure to stick your name down.

See you all next week!