ERC Midweek TT Series Week 17 - Can you prorogue a strong westerly wind?

28 August 2019

The penultimate week! Oh how time flies. You can tell we’re reaching the end of the season because a stealth black skinsuit, black bike and disc wheel definitely is not the best choice for the ride home when it’s near dark by the time I've reached home. No wonder Hollie crashed into me, don’t worry, we both Saganed it and stayed upright.

The largest surprise of the night was definitely that both the float and results sheet from last week were passed onto me after being in the care of David Lewendon for the past week.

We also had two self-confessed under/non payers this week, it was therefore quite apt that the release date for Martin Scorcese’s The Irishman was announced today, Rae & Chris expect a visit from Joe Pesci.

15 riders were out this evening on a pleasantly sunny evening, but the joys of the sunshine were negated because of the typically strong westerly headwind on the return leg. This meant riders had 9(ish) minutes of flowing with the tailwind and 14(ish) minutes of slogging it back along the return leg.

Paul Davis of MRCC was the fastest of the night with a time of 22:14 his first ride since the 29th May. Yours truly was second with 22:57, which was also a course PB, I can picture you all raising out of your seats to applaud my efforts, thanks. Third was Lewis Hutchinson, after a solid TTT champs performance and an aero knee strap with a time of 23:07.

Rae Captieux, after her bronze medal at the TTT champs at the weekend was the fastest female of the evening with a time of 24:59. Hollie Begg just pipped Morgan Reilly into second place with a time of 26:48 and Morgan finished just behind with 26:50.

Edwin Truesdale totally owned the road bike category tonight, nobody was in sight, this was in part because no-one else competed on a road bike….. Edwin finished in 25:43.

Shoutout to Eddie Glover because he knowns he knows which side of his bread is buttered on and mentioned how much he enjoyed the reports. Whether or not this was a cynical ploy to get a mention like it were the Radio 2 drivetime show, your guess is as good as mine on that one.

Thanks again to our volunteers this evening David Lewendon, Chris Borthwick and Kim McGillivray.

Last week is the final week! I will be raiding Costco in advance for a supply of cookies, this is acting as a self-confessed cynical bribe to get as many competitors as possible. The McCulloch Trophy is up for grabs, well I say “up for grabs” it will be if Alan is back off his holidays and can return it, but let’s be honest he’s likely to take it straight back home with him. Unless..... does anybody have Adam Wild’s phone number?

Please bring lights next week, even if it is just for the ride home but a rear light for the race would be a good idea.