ERC Committee - New Faces

20 February 2024

Richard Brown, John McMillan and Stephen McCullough join ERC Committee

We would like to welcome our new committee members, announce some changes in roles and thank those who have moved on for their service to the club.

  • Richard Brown is our new Chairperson. Richard is a recreational road and gravel cyclist. He is a regular participant on the Saturday morning club rides and an occasional golfer. Rick is taking over the post from Simon Bullock who has chaired the committee for nearly 19 years and helped organise numerous activities. Many thanks to Simon for all he has contributed.
  • John McMillan is our new Secretary. Having made the leap from athletics and road running to cycling a number of years ago, John is an enthusiastic cyclist who enjoys being part of the club, participating in club activities and supporting the development of cycling and sport in general. John is taking over from Steve Canney who will be shifting gears and taking on new duties as President.
  • Stephen McCullough has taken over as Triathlon Convenor. Stephen is passionate about triathlon and active in the club's multi-sport section. Stephen is taking over for Oonagh O'Brien who has stepped down from the committee but will remain active in the multi-sport section. We would like to thank Oonagh for her 5-years of service leading the multi-sport section.

Other notable changes and postings

Phil Darby has stepped down from his role as President but will continue to be very active in supporting youth activities such as Go-Ride and a multitude of youth racing and training events. Big thanks to Phil for his massive contribution over the years and his continued support of youth cycling. As noted above Steve Canney will be taking over for Phil.

Andreas Shaefer will be taking over as lead convenor of the Off-Road section from Rubén Villalain. Many thanks to Rubén for his efforts the last 4 years initiating the club gravel rides and managing the the off-road gravel and mtb activities. Rubén will continue to be involved in supporting club activities including off-road rides and multi-sport swim sessions.

Yolanda Solans
has stepped down as Women's Officer and we thank her for organising women's rides and bike maintenance courses. We are looking for a new Women's officer so if is of interest please get in contact. In the interim period, Francesca Osowska has volunteered to organise women's rides and looking to recruit some additional ride leaders. If you would like to help with leading women's rides please get in touch.

* * *