ERC 2021 Midweek TT Series - Week 11 Startsheet

11 August 2021

Thank you for signing up - HC ahoy.

Please remember a few things:

  • Bring your own pen! Don't share pens. It can be a quill, sharpie, gel pen, 2HB pencil - but please bring one
  • Use the hand sanitizer
  • You have to have a rear light (CTT rules) - no light = DQ
  • Please try not to clog up the start area and arrive as close to your start time as possible (we say 5mins, but c'mon, just please use common sense). Queue up on the path rather than the road.
  • Use the hand sanitizer
  • If a table isn't present - Black Clipboard = SIGN ON, Red Clipboard = RESULTS
  • If you're on a road bike (no TT bars/clip ons/or disc wheel) - please when you sign in, put a 'R' next to your name
  • Race Numbers please:
    • Use the hand sanitizer before/after collecting your number
    • Bring your own pins. We have spares, ask the marshal to give you some and just keep them
    • Put the pin-less number in the bucket in the sign on area after you've finished
  • HC course tonight ! WE01/01
  • We can have a pusher-offer, they'll be asked to wear a mask per the risk assessment precautions. The CTT ask at this point we suggest competitors take lateral flow tests.
  • Strava segment is here -
  • Meet point - Sign on will be at the corner of Dunbar Road & Herdmanfleet in Haddington. Here -
  • Meet to start - This is a route from the meet to the start -
  • After Finishing - The finish is such it has a natural "run-off" to the junction. After crossing the finish line, PLEASE carry on along the road. Once at the junction about 200m from the finish. Route back to the start either this way OR
Number Name Club Start Time
1 Charlie Hibberd Edinburgh RC 19:01
2 Redd Hibberd Edinburgh RC 19:02
3 Kasey Park Edinburgh RC 19:03
4 Fiona McDonnell Ronde CC 19:04
5 Keith Froude Edinburgh RC 19:05
6 Donald Smith Edinburgh RC 19:06
7 Nick Connor Edinburgh RC 19:07
8 Xander Graham Edinburgh RC 19:08
9 Adam Brennan Ronde CC 19:09
10 Euan Baxter Ronde CC 19:10
11 Josh Dow Roarsz Performance 19:11
12 Chris McCarthy Roarsz Performance 19:12
13 Colin Sills Edinburgh RC 19:13
14 Simon Russell Edinburgh RC 19:14
15 Chris Howie Edinburgh RC 19:15
16 Gerry McGuire Pentland Velo 19:16
17 Martin Graham Edinburgh RC 19:17
18 Michael Perkins EPNP CC 19:18
19 Grant Scott Ronde CC 19:19
20 Jonny Noblett Ronde CC 19:20
21 Louis Moorehead Ronde CC 19:21
22 Daniel Kirk Edinburgh RC 19:22
23 James Addie Edinburgh RC 19:23
24 David Henderson EH Star 19:24
25 Rhys Edwards Edinburgh RC 19:25
26 Oliver Teenan Bournemouth Jubilee Wheelers 19:26
27 Alan Dean Edinburgh RC 19:27
28 Rory Downie Roarsz Performance 19:28
V Steve Canney Edinburgh RC Volunteer
V Chris Borthwick Edinburgh RC Volunteer
V Gearoid Reidy Edinburgh RC Volunteer
V Chris Banks Edinburgh RC Volunteer
V Sandy Waller Edinburgh RC Volunteer
V Rachael Butcher Edinburgh RC Volunteer
V Graham Jones Edinburgh RC Volunteer
V Leahn Parry Smart121 Volunteer
V Ben Dixon Edinburgh RC Volunteer