Committee Roles



This is not an easily described position - Someone said that when they knew I had to tackle a definition that it's all about just being 'Presidential' - ERC have always, however, had very active Presidents who have tried to oversee the smooth running of the club, indeed in the case of the late Jack Murdoch have even ensured the club's survival! While this is hardly specific enough for a 'job description' the role clearly does have an overarching responsibility to ensure the club achieves long term goals and at the same remains in touch with its membership. In other words a balancing act that is vital to the success of ERC. In line with the need to be more specific, however, here are some of the details:


  • Collating ideas and creating the framework for successive 3 Year Plans.
  • Monitoring the existing 3 Year Plan - a committee task but led by the president.
  • Attending and contributing to club committee meetings
  • Advice on club policy / precedent
  • Supporting the chairman and standing in when necessary.
  • National cycling bodies - advising the committee when necessary
  • Part of the minutes rota for club meetings
  • Deal and report on club disciplinary matters
  • Master of ceremonies / host at club dinners and official club functions.
  • Sponsorship - dealt with by the incumbent but needing a specialist. (Committee agreed that a 'specialist' should be appointed to fulfil this vital role)
  • Ad-hoc tasks too numerous to mention but nevertheless important to the smooth running of the club. Filling gaps where existing committee members have no direct responsibility and generally 'oiling the wheels'
  • A representative (at main committee level) to oversee the club events programme - A voice on the committee for all our event organisers and a focal point for events within the club. (New idea - dependent on who is appointed)

The new president will undoubtedly bring his / her particular skills to the position and the above loose description is only intended as an outline and not as an inhibiting straight jacket.


  • In line with the Committee's current thinking this role will be expanded to cover the role of a 'Sponsorship Officer'.
  • The VP, while not being responsible for all posts, coordinates the social media feeds run by the club as a means to promote the clubs success, grow the membership, publicise events and help our sponsors and partners.


  • The chairperson's prime responsibility is to arrange, facilitate and preside over all official club meetings. This includes, but is not limited to the regular monthly committee meetings and the Annual General Meeting. It is the chairperson's responsibility to provide an agenda in advance of each meeting and to ensure that discussion at the meeting sticks to that agenda both in terms of topics discussed and the time allocated.
  • In the absence of the chairperson, it is usual practice for the president to act as chairperson for that meeting. If both the chairperson and the president are absent, then a chairperson shall be appointed by the members present, and shall preside at the said meeting.
  • The chairperson shall declare the result of all votes as and when any topic or discussion calls for a recorded vote.


The General Secretary's duties have included:-

  • Notifying the membership of the club AGM & publishing the AGM agenda, reports and minutes.
  • Minuting the club AGM.
  • Collecting in and arranging engraving of club trophies.
  • Collating race results and calculating series & trophy winners.
  • Ensuring all club affiliation fees are paid. (British Cycling, Road Records Association, Cycling UK, Triathlon Scotland, CTT)
  • Registering events with Scottish Cycling for inclusion in calendar compilation process.
  • Forwarding correspondence to interested parties – CTT minutes, TS minutes, SC communications, etc.
  • Answering general e-mail enquiries.
  • Online administration of BC club membership.
  • Second signatory for ERC cheques with online access to club’s bank account.
  • Adding content and news to the club website and Facebook pages.
  • Attending SC East & Central Region Club Secs’ meetings.
  • Representing ERC at SC AGMs.


The Treasurer's duties are as follows:

  • To manage the club's bank accounts.
  • To ensure all payments are made and monies are collected in a timely fashion.
  • To compile the accounts to be presented to the members at the AGM, ensuring they are a fair reflection of the club's activities, and that they are properly audited.
  • To monitor income and expenditure under each budget heading and report to the committee on a regular basis.
  • To advise the committee on financial trends, risks and opportunities.


The Coaching Convener's duties are as follows:

  • To support all coaching and coach-led activities within the club.
  • To attract and recruit new coaches and volunteers to the club, enabling the growth of coach-led activities.
  • To engage with current and potential coaches, providing them with information on upcoming courses and supplementary qualifications and accreditations.
  • To support the development of existing coaches and volunteers, leading to quality coach-led activities
  • To compile and submit annual coaching budget to committee for approval.
  • To monitor expenditure against approved budget and approve for payment by treasurer.
  • To compile reports for committee as necessary including report to AGM.
  • To administer the club's scheme of assistance to club members towards coaching qualifications including receiving and approving applications and reimbursement.
  • To support the identification and delivery or general coaching talks for club members.
  • To be a contact point for requests for assistance received through the ERC coaching consultancy service.
  • To be a contact point for general coaching enquiries received through the website.
  • To link qualified coaches with riders looking to be coached.
  • To attend monthly committee meetings providing insightful updates on coaching and volunteering affairs.


As the title suggests the MS coordinator represents at committee the services common to all members of ERC irrespective of discipline. At present this includes:

  • ERC website - managed by Martyn McWhirter
  • Publicity materials - created by Chris Allen
  • Club clothing - managed by Martyn McWhirter
  • Club Equipment - managed by Graham Jones
  • Registrar - managed by Graham Jones
  • Club activities management system (LoveAdmin) - managed by Graham Jones


The role of the Multisport / Triathlon committee member is as follows:

  • To attend ERC monthly committee meetings which involves the following:
  • To act as minute taker on rota of committee members
  • To report to committee on multisport events and ongoing actions
  • Responsible for spending allocated budget for multisport section
  • To coordinate swim lets and other relevant bookings with Edinburgh Leisure
  • To attend ERC AGM and report on ERC multisport / triathlon section for the years events; competitions and training activities
  • To answer emails from website directed to tri section
  • To inform tri members of ERC committee decisions and upcoming events
  • To encourage ERC members to compete in triathlon events and to continue to support their club.


The role of the Off Road Convenor is to represent the mountain bike section at committee meetings. We seek to encourage, coordinate and support new and existing members to take part in organised off road rides and to enter competitive off road cycling events. The OR Section represents approximately one quarter of the club membership although many members of other disciplines have stated Off Road as their second sport.

  • The OR Convenor will represent the members of the Off Road section at monthly Committee meetings. Any requests for assistance from members will be raised at the committee meetings.
  • It is an objective of the OR Group to encourage as many riders as possible into competitive cycling. This will raise the profile of the club at MTB events. Encouragement will include introducing new or prospective members to the sport through our Saturday morning Pentlands rides, getting riders out on rides further afield and holding skills sessions. Entry fees or other financial assistance may be given to riders entering Scottish and National events and beyond.
  • The OR Convenor is responsible for a budget allocated by the committee. This is primarily used to assist members taking part in competitive events.


  • The role of the Road, Track and Time Trail Convenor is to encourage, coordinate and support club riders to enter competitive cycle events.
  • The RTTT convenor will represent the members of the RTTT group at committee meetings. In order for him/her to present the democratic views of the group, the convenor will hold regular meetings of the group to discuss a wide range of cycling topics which will be summarised and placed on the club website for all to see.
  • The RTTT group represents nearly half the club membership and the convenor may seek assistance in his/her role from a Road Race Coordinator, Track Coordinator and Women's Coordinator.
  • The RTTT convenor is also chairperson of both Men's and Women's Squad Management Groups and will arrange regular meetings of both groups and provide monthly feedback to the committee on the progress of both squads.
  • It is the prime objective of the RTTT group to encourage as many riders as possible into competitive cycling and try to ensure that the club retains talented riders. This will hopefully mean that the club becomes a leading club in competitive cycling events in Scotland. Encouragement will extend from getting riders out on training runs to riders entering British championship events and beyond


No job description submitted.


The main purpose of the Wellbeing and Protection Officer is to assist with the safeguarding and protection of children and young people within the club, and to promote the club’s policies and procedures on this. They also act as the main point of contact to deal with any concerns around safeguarding within the club.

The Wellbeing and Protection Officer should be friendly, approachable and confident enough to deal with sensitive and confidential matters discreetly and tactfully. They should also be good listeners and effective communicators.

(Wellbeing and Protection Officers in Scottish Cycling clubs must attend a Safeguarding and Protecting Children course and an In Safe Hands course. These courses enable them to understand welfare issues in a sport specific context, learn how to handle situations if they have any concerns, know where to go for extra support and signpost appropriately to other services.)


In a world where cycling can be male dominated, there is an opportunity to expand the reach and introduce new and refreshing ideas. The role of the women’s officer has been created to help the club highlight the women friendly aspects of the ERC in the spirit of equality and in recognition of the different genders’ needs.

The role of the ERC Women’s Officer is to represent the needs of current and prospective female membership across the club’s disciplines with a view to equalising participation between genders.

More specifically, the Women’s Officer will:

  • Represent women members through the committee, in development activities and within all club disciplines.
  • Liaise with national and other relevant bodies and represent the interests of women members.
  • Encourage and support women and girl members in the club to partake in events and races.
  • Examine gender statistics to check progress towards equality.
  • Act as a point of reference for any member of the club to approach about issues related to women or gender identity.